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Estonian Pledge Statement at the UN Women Executive Board


Estonia welcomed the historic consensus achieved in 2010 on the creation of UN Women.  We appreciate its achievements and operationalization during the first three years of work.  UN-Women has indeed made a positive impact on strengthening the UN ability to better support activities on gender equality in many countries all around the world and we underline that UN Women’s success is a priority for Estonia.

We have contributed to UN–Women’s activities since its establishment and will continue to do so in the future. Despite recent economic challenges, Estonia increased its core contribution significantly in the year 2013 and plans to increase it further for next year. Estonia pledges to make a voluntary core contribution of  60 000 euros for the UN-Women activities in 2014.

We thank the previous Executive Director Michelle Bachelet, the deputy Executive Director Ms Lakshmi Puri and the hard-working staff of UN-Women secretariat, who`s dedication we witnessed especially closely during Estonia`s vice-presidency last year. We regret that UN-Women still suffers underfunding and add our voice to the call on Member States to show their support by voluntary core contributions to UN-Women. The high amount of the states participating in today`s event gives us reason to believe that UN Women`s financial situation will soon keep up to the ambitious goals UN Women is setting and is capable of fulfilling for the benefit of the women around the world.


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