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Statement by the Foreign Minister of Estonia, Mr. Urmas Paet, at the Ministerial meeting "A 1325 Call to Action"


Distinguished Co-Chairs, Colleagues,

Women’s security is part of overall peace and security, and women can and should be able to contribute to peace processes. I therefore welcome this opportunity to discuss concrete steps by Member States, the UN system and the civil society to translate these goals into reality.

Estonia, on its part, is about to complete its first National Action Plan for the implementation of the Security Council resolution 1325 [‘thirteen twenty-five’] and its follow-up resolutions in October. The plan aims to enhance and coordinate our activities in the field of women, peace and security.

It includes Estonia’s commitments regarding resolution 1325 that stem from its role as a contributor to international peace and security through active participation in international civilian and military operations, a donor country and a member of the European Union, NATO, OSCE and the United Nations.

Among its priorities, the plan reaffirms the focus on gender equality and the situation of women, particularly in the field of health and education. Special attention is paid to the participation of women’s NGOs in policy making and peace processes in Estonia’s development cooperation and humanitarian activities. It also includes steps to increase gender related expertise, as well as general awareness and support for the inclusion of gender perspective in crisis management at all levels through improved training and exchange of information. Another emphasis will be on expanding the possibilities for women’s participation in international civilian and military missions and peace processes.

For example, after 2008 Russia-Georgia war, Estonia helped easing the psychological traumas of war for women. In Afghanistan most of our projects are aimed of raising the self confidence of women and their social activeness. For example, in healthcare and education sector but also in politics, which is crucial. Darfur - another very tragic conflict where Estonia has contributed to help women.

I am pleased to note that we have already achieved one goal – the process of compiling the action plan has significantly increased the awareness and information exchange on issues relating to women, peace and security between the broad range of governmental institutions and participants involved.

Here, in the UN headquarters, I would like to express Estonia’s strong support for further steps to improve the accountability for the implementation of resolution 1325, including the endorsement of global indicators.

Finally, let me note our appreciation of the work of Ms Margot Wallström, the Secretary General’s Special Representative, and offer my congratulations to the newly appointed Under-Secretary General in charge of UN Women, Ms Michelle Bachelet, whose leadership as the Under-Secretary General in charge of UN Women will be of crucial importance to the implementation of resolution 1325.

Thank you!


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