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Statement by H.E. Tiina Intelmann as Chair of the UNIFEM Consultative Committee at the UNDP/UNFPA Executive Board meeting


Mr. President,

I have the pleasure of addressing this session of the Executive Board of UNDP/UNFPA on behalf of the members of the UNIFEM Consultative Committee – Chile, Norway, the Republic of Korea, Sudan and Estonia. The Committee has been tasked by the General Assembly to provide guidance to UNIFEM as well as to advise the Administrator of the UNDP about the activities of the Fund.

At its second regular session in September 2007 the Executive Board gave its endorsement to the UNIFEM Strategic Plan for 2008-2011, the formulation of which it had reviewed and guided through various stages.  The plan, as endorsed, will in the next four years provide strategic policy and management direction for UNIFEM in enhancing its development effectiveness, strengthening its strategic partnerships and mobilising resources.

UNIFEM has also presented for the consideration of the current session of the Board its biennial support budget for 2008-2009, which builds on the Strategic Plan and provides the resources to ensure its implementation. The Consultative Committee had the opportunity to review the preparations for the presentation of the budget, using for the first time the results-based budgeting approach, and welcomes the recommendation of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions for the approval of the resources proposed in the budget. In its consideration of the UNIFEM biennial support budget, the Consultative Committee also noted the improvement in channelling funds to programmes, also recognised positively by the ACABQ.

Mr./Mme. President,

As it gave its endorsement to UNIFEM’s Strategic Plan for 2008-2011, the Board also requested it in its report to the January session of the Executive Board, further information relating to the resource mobilisation framework aimed at expanding its financial resource base.  The Consultative Committee therefore welcomes the background note provided by UNIFEM in response to this request.

The Committee notes the additional information and clear priorities set out in the framework document to secure necessary resources to meet the objectives of the Strategic Plan and further increase the predictability and sustainability in its programming and technical support. It also encourages UNIFEM to work further on this basis to deepen, diversify and expand its resource base to meet the expectations posed by the increasing demand for its expertise and support on gender equality.

In the context of UNIFEM’s growth patterns during the implementation of its past plans, including the last multiyear funding framework (MYFF), each setting higher benchmarks in terms of results, coverage, partnerships, and resources, the Committee agrees that UNIFEM should be realistically ambitious in its projections for the new Strategic Plan. It will continue to fulfil its role with regard to monitoring UNIFEM’s progress in its programming, delivery and resource mobilization during the implementation of the plan.

In 2007, UNIFEM broke the $100 million benchmark for total resources for the first time in its history.  The Consultative Committee is encouraged by the ever-growing number of countries contributing to UNIFEM’s resources and thanks donors for their announced increases for 2008. I would further encourage member states to contribute to UNIFEM’s regular resources to help it better respond to requests for UNIFEM’s assistance and expertise.

In conclusion, Mr. President, the Consultative Committee would like to thank the members of the Board for their continued guidance in the discussions of UNIFEM's biennial support budget and its resource mobilization framework.

Thank you, Mr. President.



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