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Statement by Ambassador Tiina Intelmann on behalf of the UNIFEM Consultative Committee in the Executive Board of the UNDP and of the UNFPA


Mr. President,


I have the pleasure of addressing this session of the UNDP-UNFPA Executive Board on behalf of the members of the UNIFEM Consultative Committee – Jordan, Mexico, Norway, Sudan and my own country, Estonia. The Committee has been tasked by the General Assembly to provide guidance to UNIFEM as well as to advise the Administrator of the UNDP about the activities of the Fund.[1]


At its annual session in February 2007 the Consultative Committee had the opportunity to review and discuss in depth the activities of UNIFEM in 2006 and assess the progress made towards the goals of UNIFEM’s multi-year funding framework for 2004-2007. In this regard, the Committee also welcomes the cumulative report presented by UNIFEM on the implementation of the funding framework in 2004-2006.


These evaluations show that UNIFEM continues to successfully assist countries to work towards the goals of gender equality and women’s empowerment, as expressed also in the MDGs, the Beijing Platform for Action, CEDAW and the Security Council resolution 1325. In response to the opportunities and guidance from the various intergovernmental processes, UNIFEM has intensified its role in support of gender equality and women’s empowerment within and on behalf of the UN system.  In several countries, it has provided direction for holistic programming in UN Country Teams which has brought together all the capacities of the system in support of national priorities for gender equality.


UNIFEM’s close partnership with all stakeholders - governments, the civil society and the UN system has also made it more effective in bringing the gender equality perspective to UN’s operational activities, whether in development or in post-conflict reconstruction. For example, in many countries UNIFEM has worked with Ministries of Finance and Planning to institutionalize gender responsive budgeting, brought women behind the table in peace negotiations, and helped to enhance legal frameworks that promote gender equality.


UNIFEM’s activities have contributed to the implementation of the recommendations of the Triennial Comprehensive Policy Review of operational activities of the United Nations system[2], including through the provision of technical expertise on gender equality to the various mechanisms of the United Nations Development Group (UNDG), especially through its leadership of the Task Team on Gender Equality to strengthen accountability and implementation of gender equality across the UN Country Teams. The Consultative Committee has encouraged UNIFEM to continue to provide input to the assessment and preparation process of the TCPR.


The Committee values highly the consultative process which has been taking place over the past months to develop UNIFEM’s Strategic Plan 2008-2011 and which aims to take into account the results, achievements and lessons learned from its multi-year funding framework for 2004-2007. We also welcome the consultations between UNIFEM, UNDP, UNFPA and UNICEF with the aim of ensuring complementarity of their Strategic Plans, including the joint background note on the strengthening of coordinated support for gender equality and womens empowerment submitted to the Executive Board, and trust that these efforts will be reflected in the respective plans.


We are encouraged by the growing number of countries contributing to UNIFEM, and thank donors that have already announced increases in their contributions for 2007. We further encourage multi-year commitments to the Fund’s core resources to facilitate the planning of its activities in line with the next Strategic Plan.


In conclusion, Mr. President, the Consultative Committee would like to thank the members of the Board for their role and guidance in the discussions of UNIFEM’s cumulative report as well as the draft Strategic Plan.



Thank you, Mr President.


[1] A/RES/39/125.

[2] A/RES/59/250.


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