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Statement by H.E. Mr. Sven Jürgenson, Permanent Representative of Estonia to the UN at the MINUSMA Force Generation Conference, 23 May 2017


Distinguished Chairs,

Thank you for convening both today’s and yesterday’s meetings on MINUSMA.

The United Nations peacekeeping operations have an important and historical role to play in securing peace and stability globally. We welcome the new MINUSMA Strategic Concept for the upcoming years. It is our hope that the additional troops and equipment in the operations area will give more stability to the overall situation in Mali and will help get the pressing issues such as cross borders trafficking under control.

It is important for all the actors to work together to resolve the conflict by using all comprehensive means and information hubs available. The mandates of the UN operations need to be concrete and robust to be able to tackle new threats. At the same time, they must take into consideration the need to protect civilians, assure the sustainability of the rule of law, respect of human rights and international law. Furthermore, the mandates should include tangible targets and exit strategies. Estonia supports and welcomes the efforts to include more female peacekeepers in the peacekeeping missions.

Estonia is strongly committed to contributing to the UN peacekeeping operations. Over the past decade, we have significantly increased our participation and there are currently 52 Estonian servicemen in three UN peacekeeping missions: UNIFIL (38), MINUSMA (10) and UNTSO (4). Estonia is also contributing to MINUSMA’s All Sources Information Fusion Unit (ASIFU) with 9 servicemen in addition to one staff officer serving in MINUSMA Field Headquarters (FHQ).

Finally, Chairs, let me assure you once again that Estonia will remain committed to the UN peacekeeping efforts in order to achieve sustainable peace.

Thank you.


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