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Statement by H.E. Mr. Margus Kolga, Permanent Representative of Estonia to the United Nations at High-Level Conference on the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF)


Dear Assistant-Secretary General, Excellences, Distinguished Delegates,


Allow me to start by stressing the significance of the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) in both - rapid response to the growing number of new crisis worldwide as well as equitable attention to the forgotten emergencies.  CERF has proven to be essential by providing lifesaving assistance to millions of vulnerable people and communities where and when it´s most needed.


In 2014 the humanitarian community relied on rapid and strategic CERF funding to start off emergency operations and to keep life-saving programmes running. Estonia acknowledges the worldwide response given to the emergencies ranging from the conflicts in Ukraine, Syria, Gaza, the Central African Republic and South-Sudan to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. As well as CERFs role supporting the world’s most neglected and underfunded crises like Pakistan, Chad, Yemen, Haiti, Eritrea and others. Estonia pays also increased attention to the latter when making its funding decisions.


CERF has been successful in attracting funds from a broad range of UN member states and also from private companies, foundations, charities and individuals. This diversified donors pool is utmost important for sustaining the necessary funding levels for rapid and timely response.


Estonia welcomes CERF’s efforts to continuously review and improve its work. Estonia appreciates the USG’s response to the indentified challenges in terms of reporting on results by introducing a new reporting schedule. The new Schedule allows CERF secretariat to provide earlier feedback of draft reports and to analyse the information more quickly. This has already shown improvement in timeliness and quality in comparison to previous years.


Estonia continues to support the valuable impact of CERF’s work, as we have done since the Fund was established. On behalf of the Estonian government, I am pleased to announce the contribution of the amount of 100,000 euros for 2015 activities (approximately 137,500 USD). With the aim to assure predictability of funds and in line with Good Humanitarian Donorship principles, our 2015 contribution has already been transferred to the CERF´s account, and we encourage others to also do so as soon as possible.





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