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Mikser at the UN: important to build a strong child protection system


On September 19 Estonian Foreign Minister Sven Mikser took part in a discussion at the UN on combating violence against children. Organised in cooperation with the Maldives and Nigeria, the aim of the event was to share challenges that different countries of the world have faced in this area and the solutions they have implemented.

Mikser said it was important to build a strong, well-functioning system for the protection of children, not only to fight violence but prevent it. "The new Child Protection Act that was adopted in Estonia last year is a good example of a strong foundation where different links work together," said Mikser in his speech. "All parties from the public and private sector must work together in the name of child welfare so that quality education, healthcare and children’s protection are guaranteed.”

Besides Mikser, Maldives Gender and Family Minister Zenysha Shaheed and Nigerian Minister of Defence Mansur Mohammed Dan Ali spoke at the event.

According to the UN, close to eight of 10 children in the world were exposed to some form of psychological or physical punishment in the period from 2005 to 2016.


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