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Estonia Helps Haiti Manage Cholera Epidemic


Estonia is supporting the activities of UNICEF is alleviating the situation of residents of Haiti, particularly woman and children, during the cholera epidemic. To this end the Foreign Ministry is allocating nearly 60 000 euros to support UNICEF.

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stated that the complicated humanitarian situation in Haiti, which suffered an earthquake at the beginning of this year, has gotten even worse as a result of the vast cholera epidemic that began in October. “Over 2 100 people have already died due to the epidemic, and nearly 45 000 have been taken to hospitals. The situation is very critical in regions that suffered as a result of the earthquake, where the need for humanitarian aid is especially great,” Paet emphasised. “In order to prevent the further spread of the epidemic, the clean water issue must be resolved and sanitary and hygiene problems must be improved,” he added.

The goal of UNICEF’s activities in Haiti is to improve the situation for people, especially women and children, living in temporary camps by increasing the availability of clean water and ensuring hygienic conditions. In order to help the million resettled residents, including 420 000 children and 300 000 women, UNICEF will need 18.8 million EUR.

The 7.3 magnitude earthquake that took place on 12 January of this year and its aftershocks caused extensive destruction in Haiti and left 1.5 million people without homes, clean water, and normal sanitary conditions.

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