Eesti sõnavõtt ÜRO Lasteorganisatsiooni (UNICEF) nõukogus (inglise keeles)


UNICEF Strategic Plan, 2014-2017. Realizing the rights of every child, especially the
most disadvantaged


Mr President, Mr Executive Director, distinguished delegates,

I would like to thank the Executive Director Mr. Anthony Lake for his inspiring statement earlier today, the very comprehensive overview of the recent progress and achievements in UNICEF and the vision for future. I would also like to thank the Deputy Executive Director Geeta Rao Gupta and Director Jeffrey O´Malley for their presentation of the Strategic Plan, 2014-2017.

Let me also take this opportunity to recognize the good work and dedication of UNICEF’s field staff, especially those working in extremely dangerous environments, who struggle every day to reach children and families in need and to deliver life-saving supplies and services, often risking their own lives. We would particularly like to thank UNICEF staff working within Syria and in neighboring countries.

We appreciate the overview given by the Executive director earlier today about how UNICEF is planning to position itself in the post-2015 framework, placing the children and equity in the centre, including through the new Strategic Plan and integrated budget. Extensive work effort has been put into the development of the Strategic Plan, 2014-17. Estonia fully endorses all seven prioritized outcomes of the Strategic Plan, we would especially highlight child protection and education. We would also like to state our appreciation to the changes that have been made to the Strategy since last board meeting:

1) We commend the strengthening of the narrative regarding gender equality, as an increased focus on equal values, rights and possibilities for all positively affects both girls and boys by contributing to advancing development. As it is generally acknowledged that armed conflict has a disproportionately large effect on women and children, the focus on gender equality is of particular importance given the current critical development of the humanitarian situation in Syria.

2) We applaud the strengthened emphasis on humanitarian action. The enhanced focus on the linkage between humanitarian and development assistance is highly valued by Estonia, as we are certain this focus contributes to build resilience for the most disadvantaged in situations of crisis.

3) We welcome the alterations made to the strategy in terms of reporting, where the achieved results are measured against QCPR recommendations. Furthermore we appreciate the emphasis on cross-sectoral synergies. These changes indicate a strengthened level of cooperation between different UN agencies, and will contribute to saving costs on management and operations throughout the UN system. Estonia believes that the continued focus on Delivering as One will result in further improvement for collective action and strengthening of the programming instruments.


Mr President,

We are now looking forward to hear more about how UNICEF is planning to implement the new Strategic plan and urge UNICEF to be ambitious.

To conclude, I would like to confirm Estonia’s commitment to support UNICEF’s activities also in the future with increased contributions to UNICEF’s core budget.


Thank you!



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