Ühissõnavõtt ÜRO Lastefondi nõukogus erakapitali kaasamise kohta (inglise keeles)


Mr. President,

On behalf of Austria, Estonia, Israel and Finland, I would like to congratulate UNICEF and its national committees on the extensive private fundraising carried out in 2011 as well as projected for 2012. We recognize that the income is generated through hard work, including many volunteers.

As a whole, the workplan and budget for 2012 are well balanced and reflect our understanding of trends and developments in income from private sector fundraising in the coming months. The budget seems realistic: it takes into account the difficult economic situation of donor countries and does not rely too much on emergency income.

As positive signs we see the stable level of investment funds and the PFP’s support to National Committees and country offices. The funding from the Fundraising Development Programme (FDP) has proven to be an efficient tool for fundraisers to raise income from reliable sources and to develop new, profitable fundraising tools from the most promising and innovative ideas, as has been done with the “monthly donation” system.

We will, however, continue to follow closely the development of the income from Cards and Products sales. After national costs and PFP expenses, the Regular Resources contribution from the Cards and Products sales is relatively small: 15,3 million USD in 2012. This represents on average only 17 % of the original price paid by the consumer. We would appreciate more information about how the contribution rate is expected to increase in the coming years.

High costs in a fundraising product as visible as the UNICEF Cards and Products may also throw a shadow on other fundraising methods with low costs and strong growth expectations, as well as on the otherwise so strong brand. And even though the Cards and Products themselves carry part of the UNICEF brand, we would like to see the brand’s base shift from material gifts to ethical gifts and monthly donations, also in order to promote less consumeristic behavior / values. If there is a strong will to keep the Cards and Products as a fundraising method, what is your view on licensing agreements?
Concerning human resources, we agree with the overall line of post changes. In the next years, we would like to see a shift of human resources from the Cards and Products to innovative product development, from a less productive area to a more productive one.

Lastly, we would appreciate more information about the future direction of UNICEF’s private fundraising: what developments do you envision for the years following 2013?

Thank you.


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