Eesti panustamissõnavõtt ÜRO Lasteorganisatsiooni (UNICEF) nõukogus (inglise keeles)


Mr President,

It is already 15th year for Estonia to support UNICEF activities. We have supported so far with almost 1,5 million EUR as total via annual non-earmarked contributions, as well as supporting different development and humanitarian aid programmes and projects in different countries. UNICEF has been key partner to Estonia to channel its contributions to different crises and disasters.

Estonia hopes UNICEF to continue providing education for children in conflict and post-disaster/post-conflict countries with more focus on gender equality, to put more efforts on preparedness and resilience, and for the transition from humanitarian assistance to development. As told earlier, Estonia is looking forward also for more innovative solutions in UNICEF work.

Despite recent economic and financial setbacks, Estonia has continued to support UNICEF annual activities via non-earmarked core contributions. Estonia has increased almost 30% of its contribution to UNICEF for 2012 and almost 50% for Girls’ Education Initiative in 2012. Estonia has transferred already its 2012 core contribution 45 000 EUR to UNICEF and 12 000 EUR for UNGEI. Additionally Estonia has already supported UNICEF 2012 projects in Yemen and Central African Republic with 100 000 EUR as total and we will provide relief to other disasters throughout the year. Estonia is committed to support UNICEF activities also in the future with possible increased contributions.

Thank you!


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