Suursaadk Tiina Intelmanni sõnavõtt UNIFEMi strateegia vastuvõtmisel UNDP/UNFPA nõukogus


Mr./Mme. President,

As Chair of the Consultative Committee of UNIFEM, I have the pleasure of addressing this session of the UNDP-UNFPA Executive Board on behalf of the Consultative Committee, in which we are joined by Jordan, Mexico, Norway and Sudan.

On behalf of the Committee, I would like to start my address by conveying our sincere appreciation and thanks to the departing Executive Director of UNIFEM, Ms Noeleen Heyzer.  Noeleen has through her long-term and dedicated work for the promotion of women’s rights helped make a real difference in their lives across the world over more than 10 years, and been an invaluable partner to the Consultative Committee. The Committee wishes Noeleen all the best in taking up new and important challenges as Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Asia and the Pacific.

Mr./Mme. President,

The UNIFEM Consultative Committee is tasked by the General Assembly to provide guidance to UNIFEM and advise the Administrator of UNDP about the status and progress of the Fund.[1] Over the past months the Consultative Committee has had the opportunity, as have members of the Board, to review the UNIFEM strategic plan (2008-2011) in its various stages of formulation and provide guidance to UNIFEM in its development.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank UNIFEM for the highly consultative nature of this process which was welcomed by all. 

The plan provides strategic policy and management direction for UNIFEM to enhance its development effectiveness, strengthen strategic partnerships and mobilise resources for the next four years.  It builds on the achievements, lessons learned and the independent evaluation of the previous multi-year funding framework, 2004-2007 (MYFF), as well as relevant Board decisions.[2] The plan re-iterates the importance of UNIFEM’s work as a catalyst and innovator to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in line with national priorities. It highlights opportunities to mainstream and advance gender equality in the context of United Nations reform.

In the context of UNIFEM’s growth patterns during past plans, including the current MYFF – each one setting higher benchmarks in terms of results, coverage, partnerships, and resources – the members of the CC have encouraged UNIFEM to be ambitious in its projections for the new plan.  Therefore we believe that the new plan is realistically ambitious in the development and management results it highlights, as well as in the resources it anticipates to support the achievement of results. It is premised on deepening significantly UNIFEM’s technical support and catalytic programming, projecting total resource requirements of $405 million in core and non-core resources for the period of 2008-2011.

The plan is being presented at a time when debates are taking place about strengthening the architecture that supports gender equality policies and programmes in the United Nations. However, the plan does not pre-empt such discussions. Rather, UNIFEM has developed a plan that enables it to move forward in implementing its core business – supporting countries to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment in line with their national priorities without prejudice to the debate.

Finally, the Consultative Committee would like to note that it is encouraged by the growing number of countries that are contributing to UNIFEM’s resources, and thank donors that have already announced increases for 2007 and 2008. We further encourage donors to make multi-year commitments to core as we work to ensure that this next Strategic Plan will be fully funded.

In conclusion, Mr./Mme. President, close partnership between the Executive Board and the Consultative Committee is critical in moving this agenda forward. Therefore, the Consultative Committee would like to thank the members of the Board for their continued guidance.


Thank you, Mr./Mme.President.

[1] A/RES/39/125.
[2] 2004/10, 2005/22, and 2006/21.


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