Esinduse asejuhi Minna- Liina Lind´i sõnavõtt ÜRO julgeolekunõukogu töömeetodite survegrupi ACTi nimel ÜRO Peaassamblee elavdamise resolutsiooni vastuvõtmisel, 11. september 2015


Mr President,

I have the honor to speak on behalf of the Accountability, Coherence and Transparency group or in short ACT. The cross-regional ACT group comprises of 27 small and mid-sized countries working together to improve the working methods of the Security Council.

We welcome the adoption of today’s resolution by consensus and would like to thank the co-chairs of the ad-hoc working group, the Ambassadors of Croatia and Namibia for their excellent work and dedication as well as all our colleagues for the constructive spirit during the negotiations.

ACT group would like to offer a few comments on cluster dealing with the selection and appointment of the next Secretary-General addressed in the resolution.  

We are pleased that the ad-hoc working group achieved an agreement by consensus to carry out the selection and appointment in a clear and structured manner by first starting the process with a joint letter of the Presidents of General Assembly and of the Security Council containing a description of the entire process and as a next step by circulating to all Member States on an ongoing basis the names of candidates for the position of the Secretary-General. The decision to conduct informal dialogues and meetings with candidates contributes in our view greatly to improving the whole selection process.

In order to ensure the appointment of the best possible candidate to become the next Secretary-General, the ACT group applauds the inclusion of clear and precise qualifications and criteria in OP39 of the resolution. This, together with the abovementioned procedural developments is clearly a strong signal of increased transparency of the process of selection and appointment of the next SG.

ACT group strongly welcomes and supports the provision in the resolution which invites member states to consider presenting women as candidates for the position of Secretary General.

We are also glad to see that the resolution reconfirms the role of the President of the General Assembly to actively support the process of selecting and appointing the SG and to monitor and review General Assembly’s implementation of the adopted resolutions.

Moreover, quoting OP44 of the resolution, the ACT group affirms its readiness to continue discussing all the issues relating to the selection and appointment of the Secretary-General in all their aspects within the ad-hoc working group on revitalization of the work of the General Assembly during its 70th session. More concretely, we are very much hoping for thorough discussion on the duration of term and the option of a single non-renewable term of 7 years at the next session drawing also from the need to implement provisions from previous resolutions.

In conclusion, ACT would like to emphasize the need to implement the provisions of the resolution adopted today and in this regarding hoping for a fruitful and close cooperation between the General Assembly and the Security Council.

I thank you.




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