Eesti, Läti ja Leedu ühissõnavõtt 1.komitee regionaalse desarmeerimise ja julgeoleku teemal


Mr. Chairman,

I have the honour to speak on behalf of Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Latvia.

We highly value the importance of developing best practices and exchange of information among countries in the fields of maritime and air traffic. We believe such efforts greatly complement the relevant international law and provide a significant contribution to the building of mutual understanding and confidence. We feel this is especially the case with regard to military vessels and aircraft.

We also believe that military vessels and aircraft, when operating outside national waters and airspace in peace time, should apply procedures ensuring transparency and safety of civil aviation and civil maritime activities.

With this background and understanding, we would like to draw on existing best practices and propose to further improve transparency and the overall climate of trust between the countries, in particular in the Baltic sea region.

First, the route plans for both air and maritime traffic could be shared in advance to the countries when military activity is taking place in the exclusive economic zone of another country or in the international airspace in immediate proximity to the borders of other countries.

Second, countries could demonstrate their good will by ensuring that their Armed Forces make use of the on-board transponders and, in the aforementioned circumstances, respond to the requests to contact ground control.

Such practices would allow countries to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding and false interpretation of military activities. Overall, it would promote confidence and transparency of the international maritime and air traffic.

Thank you.


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