Eesti, Läti ja Leedu ühissõnavõtt kestliku arengu avatud töögrupi 13.istungil (inglise keeles)


I have the honor to speak on behalf of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

We would like to stress again our position that “Fostering peaceful and inclusive societies” and “Rule of law, effective and capable institutions” should be addressed as two distinct goals.

We align ourselves to the great concerns expressed by the Group of Friends of the Rule of Law that the current draft does not contain the notion of the rule of law at goal level. The concept of rule of law both at the national and international levels has a content that encompasses significant elements of governance. It ensures the quality of decision-making processes and application of laws. Therefore, we are of a strong position for its reinstatement as one of the goals.     

Moreover, we are concerned that the current draft of goal 16 does not include any mention of good governance (also Romania, France). Such a central concept, which has strong interlinkages with the majority of goals and is vital for the long-term success of the post-2015 framework should be appropriately reflected in goal 16.


  1. We call for the inclusion of “ending sexual violence and other gender based violence in conflict and post conflict settings” in target 16.1 – at least at indicator level.

  2. We welcome the current target 16.4, but as the former target 16.6 has been removed and good governance is absent from in the goal 16 per se, we call for the explicit inclusion of “good governance” in target 16.4. Indicators for this target should explicitly mention the engagement of civil society, youth, academic and private sector in decision-making.

  3. The current draft of target 16.3 encompasses too many separate targets. We suggest to define fight against corruption as a separate target with a focus on regulatory requirements, namely: “Ensure the adoption and implementation of an appropriate legal framework and national policies to reduce corruption”.

  4. Under target 16.5 we continue to call for a separate indicator on fight against impunity.

  5. The current version of target 16.7 should be revised in stronger terms as freedom of information is vital for the development of civil society and fostering of sustainable growth. We propose to use a stronger word “ensure” instead of “promote” (also Mexico, Finland). We also stress the need to reinsert a clause with regard to information – “to government data” and explicitly add “to independent media and the open internet”. We call for re-instatement of the currently excluded target 16.15 to “ensure that all laws are publicized and accessible by all”.

  6. We call for the reinstatement of the former target 16.11 and current 16.a to “develop effective, accountable and transparent public institutions at all levels” with a term “democratic” included. As we stated in our speech in the previous OWG session, this is a central element of the rule of law as a principle of governance. This target is a substantive one, not Means of Implementation, therefore it should be reinstated as a separate target under goal 16.


Thank you.





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