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Statement by Ms. Minna-Liina Lind, Deputy Permanent Representative of Estonia to the United Nations at the High-Level Conference on the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), 8 December


Mr Under-Secretary-General,

Over the years, the Central Emergency Response Fund has demonstrated that it is able to deliver humanitarian aid quickly and effectively across the globe.

2017 saw more people in crises than ever before. From providing lifesaving assistance for the countries in the risk of famine, to addressing continued humanitarian crises in Syria, the CERF has continued to play a major role in providing timely and flexible funding to enable rapid humanitarian response when emergencies occur. It is important that the CERF continues to play its catalytic role in mobilizing assistance from the international community to help fill the humanitarian funding gap, with a focus on rapid response and life-saving humanitarian action. Estonia also values the role, which the CERF plays in providing assistance to those affected by forgotten and under-funded emergencies.

Nevertheless, we are concerned about the paradox of continuously increasing humanitarian needs. Although many donors, including Estonia, have risen their humanitarian funding, the international community still witnesses an increasing gap between needs and funding. We therefore strongly welcome the ongoing process to review the collective humanitarian action. In this context, we also welcome the discussions on how to broaden the CERF donor base and attract new donors from both public and private sectors.

In light of the growing needs, predictability and sustainability of the funding of the CERF is of utmost importance. The Estonian Government has supported the Fund since its establishment. I am delighted to reaffirm this support today by announcing an un-earmarked contribution of 100 000 euros for 2018 activities. With the aim to assure predictability of funds and in line with Good Humanitarian Donorship principles, our contribution has already been transferred to the CERF´s account making Estonia the first donor to submit early payment of 2018 contribution to CERF. Estonia was also the donor who made the earliest payment of Euro 100 000 last year for CERF 2017 humanitarian activities. We also encourage others to contribute as soon as possible.

Thank you!


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