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Statement by H.E. Mr Sven Jürgenson at UN Security Council high level open debate on non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction: a global agenda for stopping proliferation of WMD by non-State actors, 15 December 2016


Mr Chairman, Distinguished Colleagues,

Estonia aligns itself with the statement made on behalf of the European Union.

First of all, we would like to commend the Chair of the 1540 Committee, Permanent Representative of Spain, Mr Roman Oyarzun and all members of the 1540 Committee for the dedicated work on the comprehensive review process. I would also take this opportunity to thank Spain for excellent work during its term in the Security Council, including promoting the objectives of non-proliferation as well as counter- terrorism.

We cannot agree more that the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and its means of delivery constitute serious threats to international peace and security. These threats are continually evolving, including the use by non-state actors of developments on science, technology and international commerce for proliferation purposes. As a proof of this new phenomenon, we have confirmed information by the UN-OPCW Joint Investigative Mechanism that toxic chemicals were used as a weapons in Syria by Daesh and there are new allegations that terrorists used chemical weapons in Iraq and has developed a program to make improvised chemical weapons.

We therefore need to strengthen our efforts further to prevent non-state actors from acquiring sensitive materials and technologies. Resolution 1540 remains the fundamental pillar in the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and in this context, we welcome the report of the 1540 Committee on the comprehensive review and the new resolution that Estonia also co-sponsored.

This new resolution reaffirms that the resolution 1540 is a key preventive instrument for a cooperative approach seeking to help Member States to develop capabilities to face evolving threats. We are particularly pleased that the resolution reflects new and emerging risks and developments in proliferation of the weapons of mass destruction as well as stresses the need to continue enhancing cooperation of the 1540 committee with other relevant Security Council Committees such as those based on resolutions 1267, 2253 and 1373.   We welcome the emphasis put on strengthening the international coordination and collaboration between the 1540 Committee and relevant international, regional and sub-regional organizations in the resolution.

It is also important that the resolution underlines the importance of a dialogue between the 1540 Committee and Member States including visits to States, and points out the involvement and crucial role of the civil society, industry and academia in the effective implementation of the resolution including by raising awareness.

Mr Chair,

Estonia attaches great importance to its commitments on non - proliferation of weapons of mass destructions including under implementation of the resolution 1540. We strongly support the multilateral disarmament, non-proliferation and arms control treaties and regimes and we are determined to their full implementation. We continue to contribute to a number of global and regional non-proliferation initiatives as GICNT and PSI. We also continue supporting the resolution by sharing our experience and knowledge in the area of export control of dual-use items. Every step promoting transparency and greater responsibility contributes this way to broader capacity building of interested States.

In conclusion, Mr Chairman, I would like to reaffirm Estonia´s readiness to implement in a proactive manner the outcome of the 2016 comprehensive review of the resolution 1540.

Thank you, Mr Chairman.


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