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Statement delivered by Kristel Lõuk, First Secretary, Estonian Mission to the UN at the 2016 second regular session of UNICEF Executive Board, 14 September 2016


Mr. President, Executive Director, distinguished delegates,

I would like to thank the Executive Director, Mr. Anthony Lake, for his inspiring statement and the comprehensive overview of the recent achievements of UNICEF, as well as its challenges. I take this opportunity to pledge Estonia’s support to UNICEF´s work globally for the rights of every child.

At the outset, we commend UNICEF for its strong results in 2015. The organization has proven its ability to quickly and effectively respond to changes in the circumstances of children in various countries and contexts.  We welcome the review of the UNICEF experience in high-income countries and in countries transitioning from upper-middle-income to high-income status, which was requested at the first regular session of 2015. Even though UNICEF´s main focus must continue to be on children in least developed countries and sub-Saharan Africa, we find it timely to discuss how UNICEF can best fulfil its universal mandate and work for the most disadvantaged, wherever they are. My delegation had the opportunity to learn about UNICEF´s work in upper-middle income countries during the recent field visits to Argentina and Malaysia. We saw solutions being developed that could be useful for other countries with a similar economic profile and also noted the synergy between UNICEF’s programme work and its very successful fundraising.

We hope that the discussions at this session will provide important input for our work on the next UNICEF Strategic Plan and also for the broader discussion within the United Nations development system. My delegation has been following with great interest the consultations around the next QCPR and UNICEF´s active engagement in that process. UNICEF has been enriching those discussions with valuable proposals for how to strengthen coherence, coordination and the strategic use of resources to achieve results. I thank the Executive Director for his updates and views on UNICEF expectations for the QCPR process.

Lastly, my delegation would like to commend UNICEF for its impressive work on innovation and offer our congratulations for the recent CIO Award, which recognizes UNICEF for its use of new technologies to strengthen its ability to advocate for the protection of children’s rights around the world. In this context, I would like to thank the UNICEF Innovation team for visiting Estonia just a few weeks ago ¬¬– you can read about the visit on the UNICEF blog. As the innovative use of technology is among the priorities of Estonia and has accelerated our own development, it is a privilege to start cooperation with such an inspiring team.

To conclude, I would like to confirm the commitment of Estonia to support UNICEF activities in the future with contributions to its core, thematic and humanitarian funding.

Thank you!


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