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Estonian Foreign Minister Meets with Vietnamese and Argentinian Counterparts


On Tuesday, 25. September, Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet met with his Vietnamese counterpart Pham Gia Khiem and Argentinian counterpart Roberto García Moritan in New York.

In Paet's meeting with Pham Gia Khiem, the ministers discussed implementing visa-free travel for Estonian citizens, the situation in Myanmar and supported each others' candidacy in international organizations.

According to Urmas Paet, Vietnam is quite a popular travel destination for Estonians, and allowing visa-free travel for Estonian citizens would surely boost tourism even further. Foreign Minister Khiem confirmed that he will do everything in his power to simplify Estonians' travel to Vietnam. The Estonian and Vietnamese ministers exchanged invitations for visits to each other's country.

When Paet met with his Argentinian colleague, the two discussed boosting economic relations, supporting one another's candidacy in international organizations, and co-operation in the realm of e-government.

Roberto García Moritan proposed to help a range of businesses in creating networking ties with each other and noted that Argentina plans to send a delegation of business representatives to Estonia early next year.

Since both Estonia and Argentina utilize e-government, the two ministers also discussed co-operation in the area of e-governing. Foreign Minister Paet noted that Estonia has fresh experiences in implementing e-government, and Argentina might be interested in our observations.

Foreign Minister Paet acknowledged the recent departure of Estonia's Honorary Consul from Argentina.

The Estonian and Argentinian foreign ministers also exchanged invitations to visit each other's countries.

Foreign Minister Paet is participating in an EU Foreign Ministers week in New York as part of the UN's 62nd General Assembly. In addition to meetings between European Union foreign policy leaders, the traditional meetings with the United States and Russian Federation foreign ministers are also taking place. The Estonian Foreign Minister has many bilateral meetings scheduled.

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