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Estonia supports victims of Pakistani earthquake with 400,000 kroons


The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to allocate 400,000 kroons of humanitarian aid to help eliminate the consequences of Pakistani earthquake and provide relief to victims. Foreign Minister Urmas Paet signed a directive, pursuant to which the sum is to be allocated to UNICEF from the Foreign Ministry's means earmarked for development and humanitarian aid.

According to Foreign Minister Urmas Paet Estonia's aid to Pakistan is not limited to the 12-day mission of medics and disaster relief team. "We will provide 400,000 kroons from the Foreign Ministry's humanitarian aid funding to UNICEF, because the situation in Pakistan still remains poor. It will surely take months for disaster relief workers to bring about major improvements," Paet said.

On 11 October, medical supplies, purchased for 50,000 kroons from the Foreign Ministry's means earmarked for Humanitarian aid were sent to Pakistan with the disaster relief team.

In addition, Estonia allocated 1.5 million kroons to NATO to support the NATO air bridge for delivering humanitarian aid to Pakistan.

More information on development co-operation is available on Foreign Ministry's home page at:

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