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Estonian Expert Advised UN E-government Working Group


E-Governance Academy expert Hannes Astok worked at the headquarters of the United Nations Development Programme from February to May to assist with the planning of e-governance projects in developing countries. His secondment to the UNDP was supported by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Mr. Astok's involvement in the e-government working group is not only acknowledgement of the achievements of Estonia in e-governance, but also shows that we’re a pioneer for other countries in this respect,” said Undersecretary for Economic and Development Affairs Väino Reinart. “Of course, Estonia isn’t resting on its laurels, but continuing to develop new solutions and services that first and foremost will reduce bureaucracy, save money and time, and make government transparent.”
According to Astok, Estonia’s experience is very highly valued around the world. “I can say without any hesitation or false modesty that Estonia is the best in the world when it comes to e-governance and e-services,” he said. “E-governance technologies can be a tool for every government. The problem is that most countries lack a broader view of how to reuse data already collected, how to share them between different agencies and how to turn them into good e-services. Estonia’s experience is extremely valuable in this area and we’re planning to strengthen our cooperation in support of UNDP programmes in the near future.”

He added that the e-Governance Academy has shared Estonia’s experience with more than 60 governments over the last 15 years. “We’ve been honest in talking about the lessons we’ve learned and passed on the importance message that the success of e-governance projects doesn’t depend on technology and money, but on the desire of governments to make their state better, more transparent and efficient,” Astok explained.

The goal of the UNDP is to reduce poverty in emerging countries by supporting them in the preparation of their development plans and strategies as well as effective use of money. The UNDP focuses on the development of democracy, crisis prevention, reducing poverty, environmental sustainability, prevention of AIDS and mitigating its consequences.
The UN Development Programme is the largest sub-organisation of the United Nations, which operates in almost 170 countries.

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