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Foreign Minister Kaljurand at the meeting of cyber experts: Estonia has a right and obligation to set an example in the field of ICT


Yesterday, 29 August Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand took part in a high level UN cyber experts meeting as a governmental expert in New York where they discussed the opportunities of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the context of international law and security. During the meeting Kaljurand emphasized the role of Estonia and other countries in sharing their experiences in the ICT field.

“At the time when cyber-attacks are on the rise, the states that are successful in ICT have an advantage and responsibility in ensuring cyber security through coordinated collaboration both on the national and international level,” Kaljurand said. She confirmed that it is important for Estonia to guarantee national cyber security and to have international collaboration in the cyber security field.

According to Kaljurand it is important to keep in mind that the international law applies in cyber space too. “Still, questions raised over applying it should be discussed, specified and agreed on. Estonia can set and example how countries apply international norms and international law in the ICT field. It is the right and obligation of Estonia,” Foreign Minister said.

Kaljurand has been Estonian expert in the UN Group of Governmental Experts since 2014. The tasks of the cyber expert group are to investigate the dangers of cyber space and how to apply international law in the ICT field and to advise countries on how to develop new norms and make cooperation more efficient.


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