UNICEF Executive Board, Joint statement on revised evaluation policy of UNICEF


Thank you Madame/ Mr. President

I would like to deliver this statement on behalf of Estonia and my own country Ireland.

We welcome the Revised Evaluation Policy and we would like in particular to highlight and welcome the importance of paying attention to equity and gender equality, the strengthening of evaluation planning and the strengthening of UNICEF's partners' evaluation capacity.

We also agree with the need to ensure adequate resources are allocated to the evaluation function, and the importance of contextualisation and seeking to understand how a given result was achieved.

The utilisation of evaluations is also important, as is the implementation of evaluation recommendations.

The policy emphasises that evaluation is a function that should be shared by all levels of UNICEF, a point that is significant given the high degree of decentralised evaluation within UNICEF. We agree that there is a need to foster a culture of evaluation and we welcome emphasis given to developing staff capacity with respect to evaluation.

Though clearly implicit in relation to the development of Integrated Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Plans (IMEP), the policy document could be more explicit in emphasising the importance of planning for evaluation as something that should be concurrent with planning in general — planning for evaluation should be an integral element in any planning process.

Thank you


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